Egypt Classical Tours, Holidays and Vacations

Egypt classical holidays or tours are an enjoyable and unique opportunity to witness the history and civilization of Egypt, through visiting the main sites and antiquities of different cities.

NO other country except Egypt has this amount of monuments and sightseeing. From the immortal Pharonic monuments, to the monuments of the Greek civilization, and from the historical sites of the Roman Empire to the Islamic and Christian monuments.

Egypt is unique from any other country due to its heritage of successive and different empires that ruled. In no other country in the world would you see the monuments of the three main religions located in one place. A sightseeing tour in Cairo will allow the visitor to see the Christian heritage of churches like the hanging church, Church of St. Barbara besides the Jewish monument of Ben Ezra Synagogue, All standing in a close distance to the rich Islamic sites of mosques. Among them are the oldest mosque in Africa, Amr Ibn El Aas Mosque in old Cairo, Ibn Tuloun Mosqe and the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Aly in the Citadel of Salah El Din. And in the same city stands one of the seven wonders of ancient world the Pyramids of Giza which testifies the glory of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Egypt Classical Tours and Holidays
Any one visiting Egypt should not miss a classical tour to see the main landmarks and sites of ancient civilizations. Egypt classical tours or classical holidays usually start with Cairo, where daily excursions are held to show the main sites there.

A day tour to the great Pyramids of Giza with their guarding Sphinx is a must see, then proceed to Visit Sakkara the burial site of Memphis, emphasis the grandeur of pharoanic monuments. A visit to the Egyptian Museum of antiquities should not be missed.

A trip to Luxor which has one third of the world ancient monuments is among the main classical tours in Egypt. Luxor has been transformed into an open air museum. The Karnak Temple with its huge colonnades is a master piece of ancient Egyptian architecture.

Luxor West bank has many tombs, many of these tombs has the paintings on their walls still with the colors were one can see the pharoanic art.

Aswan is the third city after Luxor and Cairo where one would love to go for a classical holiday in Egypt. Temples of Abu Simbel with their unique style, reflect the glory and grandeur of the New Kingdom. There as well the Philae Temple and the Agha khan Mausoleum.

Classical holidays in Egypt can include as well religious tours for both Christians and Muslims. For Christians a classical religious tour of the main places which the holy family undertook when they fled from Jerusalem to Egypt. Church of Virgin Mary on board the Nile River banks, The Hanging Church, the ancient pilgrimage site of Al Qusiya and the Wadi Natroun Churches.

For Islamic sightseeing tours, Cairo the city of thousand minarets has some of influential mosques for Muslims like El Azhar mosque, Amr Ibn El Aas mosque, El Rifai mosque amongst others.

If you are planning a holiday in Egypt you should carefully plan the tours and excursions that should be included in Egypt classical tours to make your vacation rich and memorable.

Designing a classical tour you can contact a travel agency which will provide you with all the information and all the itineraries with the main sites not to be missed besides you can save on compiling several tours in one day and prevent being exploited or exposed to a lot of haggling over service price. If interested in creating a classical tour in Egypt contact Deluxe Travel Egypt which can provide you with different solutions to your classical holidays in Egypt.

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Holidays and Vacation

The holidays can be a very enjoyable time. They can also be a nightmare for someone making lifestyle changes. We’ve all heard tales about Christmas or Thanksgiving being the day that “ruined me” or “derailed” the positive progress that was made leading up to them. It is a classic scenario for someone watching their weight to fear the holidays, vacations and any other special occasion for that matter.

Why are the holidays so tough? Well, for starters, the holidays are already putting us in a tricky position because we build them up so much. We’ve all heard someone say (or said it ourselves): “I wouldn’t normally eat that, but it is the holidays, so I have to.” Or you’ve been told (or been the one telling): “You have to eat this because it’s just not (insert holiday here) without it.”

Which reminds me of the most recent holiday (and inspiration for this week’s article), the 4th of July. We have all been to a gathering where there are assorted grilled meats, potato salads, corn on the cob, apple pie, etc. We’ve all gotten that first whiff off the grill when meal-time was near. We’ve all had the moment of decision as we filled our plates as well. “Should I stop?” “Is that enough?” We ask ourselves these questions, but we just keep piling the food on. Why? Because it’s the holidays and we think we won’t enjoy the day as much if we don’t eat as much as we can.

Now, when I put it that way, you can clearly see the flaw in our logic. In reality, how do we spend the rest of the day? We spend it uncomfortably full, tired and wishing we hadn’t eaten so much! Not to mention the mental game we are playing because we just “undid” everything we had worked for. Why do we know what we want, yet still do the opposite? This is a fascinating thought for me, not only because my clients are dealing with it every day, but because I too have found it to be a challenge.

So what can we do? Well, the 4th of July holiday really made me think this year. I was thinking about our freedom and all of the choices we have now. If we didn’t have these choices, life would not be very fun or fulfilling. But, what we have to remember is that we are free to choose. I feel that as soon as a certain day comes around or a certain option is in front of us, we throw choice right out the window.

I think we do this because we have surrendered to the moment. The holiday that we have been waiting for or the vacation that we are finally on makes us feel like we have to splurge in order to enjoy ourselves. When in reality, we don’t truly enjoy ourselves because we are physically uncomfortable and more significantly, we feel that we have gone against our natural choice in the first place and done something that we quickly regret.

What is the solution? While there are many steps that can be taken to change these habits, the first thing that needs to change is our mindset. The mindset of “doing whatever I can do to sabotage myself and go against the norm will bring me the most enjoyment right now” is clearly not giving us what we want. We may have a short period of enjoyment, but long term and even immediately following, our actions do not bring us the results we want, and therefore we are really letting ourselves down.

The mindset that will help us succeed is this:

Take the vacation, don’t let it take you

Celebrate the holidays with your choices and you will enjoy your results. If you leave it up to chance, you know the possibilities and know how you will feel afterward. When you get away, realize that the choices you make now will impact you now and in the future. We are the same people on vacation that we are at home. There is no way to forget or pretend what happens on a trip and have it somehow not affect us when we return home. Going with a goals and a realistic plan will help you manage the choices you have while still enjoying them, both during and after you make them.

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Tips for Exercising During Holidays and Vacations

‘Do I need to exercise while I am on vacations?’ ‘Are vacations and holidays not meant to be fun and carefree?’ ‘Why should I do the same routine workouts on my vacations when I am supposed to be doing other better things?’ These are common questions that come to our minds when we plan our vacations, holidays and other travels. For many people who are serious about their health, doing regular exercises while travelling can sometimes be challenging. But a vacation can be the perfect time to exercise if they are planned well and the traveler makes best use of the available time.

Travelling for hours at a stretch (flying, car, bus, train or cruise) can be tiring and hard on the body. The long hours of sitting, especially in cramped airplanes or cars can cause poor circulation, fatigues and aches and pains. Hence, simple exercises can help you reduce your aches and pains and give you a sense of relaxed feeling.

In this article, I present some tips that can be useful for exercise-conscious travelers when they do not have right place and time to exercise.

In the airplane

If you have to wait long hours in transit, it is a good idea to go for a walk in the terminal. It kills time and at the same time helps burn some calories.Also walk up or down the stairs instead of taking escalator.

Because there is very little room to move, the easiest exercises to do are stretching and isometric exercises. These exercises can be done even on your seat. These include knee raises while being seated, squats, walking up and down the aisle, shoulder shrugs, arm swings, raising arms, and neck stretches. You can do leg exercises by raising them from the ground while seated, using the calf muscles. If you put a weight on your lap and try to raise it, it becomes a harder exercise. Ankle stretches can be done by planting the heels on the ground and raising the toes as high as possible. Rotating each foot in turn also stretches the ankle and helps relieve stiffness of the joint.

Arching the body backwards and forwards is good for your back. The neck can be exercised by moving it gently from side to side, or bending the head forward, than rotating it.
To exercise your hands and arms, squeeze a ball or pair of socks with your hands.
These days many airplanes announce exercise time on their TV on a regular basis. You can follow those exercises as well. These exercises are good for preventing deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
Walk in the aisle every hour or two. This will relax your back and neck and help circulation.

At your destination

Once you reach your destination, you can do many other exercises like push-ups, squatting, abdominal exercises, and calf raise. Stretching exercises strengthens the joints, muscles and bones and also helps pain of arthritis. Stair climbing is another exercise that strengthens joints, muscles and bones.

In hotel or motel, if there is a gym, make use of the gym facility.
Remember to wear sneakers or carry them in your travel bag. They can be handy as and when you need them and they are good for your feet and back. You can also wear clothing that can double as workout gear.
Walking on the beach is one of the best exercises and burns more calories than walking on the flat ground.Make sure you do not overdo when you start.
Beach volleyball is another exercise that is fun as well as burns calories.Besides, you can involve all members of your group or meet other people and have fun.
Swimming is a very good exercise for all ages. Make best use of the swimming facility in the hotels.
Surfing and snorkeling are also good exercises but may demand more physical fitness than swimming.
Bike ride is another family exercise. You can tour the local area with your family and burn some calories at the same time.
Hiking is a good exercise if you are fit and looking for a bit of adventure and burn more fat at the same time.
Tennis and golf are other games if you have time and you are on leisure trip.
Going for brisk walk in the morning or even shopping are easy to do exercises.
If possible, exercise at least for 20-30 minutes daily.

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